Winter is Here! January 5, 2015

Happy 2015! After a long break (and a long time away from our friends!), Tzeeporim 2 returned to class! We were all SO ready to see our friends, teachers, and play together!

We began our morning with predicting what we would be learning about this week. We took three big white circles to make a snowman! We wrote the letters to our name and made a snowman out of our names. We added details to our pictures, to make it look like a winter scene!

Jordyn  snow name Isaac snow name Sam Tobey snowname Zachay snow name Ben snow name
To begin our circle time we began with our book that we will be reading this week, “Snowballs”. In this book, the animals collected different items in a sack to create a snow dad, a snow mom, a snow girl, a snow boy, a snow cat, and a snow dog. We all loved looking at the different real life pictures of items that were used to make these snow people! We even practiced making a snowman- a pretend snowman, of course!
During the rest of our circle time we practiced rhyming words and discussed the differences between the four seasons- fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Learning seasons
We were all very excited to travel to Jewish Studies to see Morah Rachel and Miss Rucha! We sang our prayers and learned about King David.
After a fun time outside, and seeing all of our friends from other classes, we returned inside for center time, how we all missed center time over break! 🙂

During center time students’ were given the opportunity to participate in different free centers and explore new games, activities, and learning moments with friends. Ms. Carolyn called the class over to introduce a new game that will be in our math center. This game goes along with our theme of the week- snow and snowmen. Student’s worked on one-to-one correspondence and number recognition while playing the game.

Sam:Mara Snowgame Sophie snowgame Eva snow game Ben Isaac snow game Kennedy snow game Zachary snow man math game Levi snow game

Students worked with me to finish our creative snow names. We added details to our drawings to create the final piece! 🙂

Eva snow name

We always LOVE to visit Coach Goldman during our afternoon Kid’s Club. We even got to work on our basketball skills.

Pe with coach

Tuesday started out with learning about our letter of the week- G. While working with Ms. Carolyn student’s created the letter “G” page for our alphabet book. While working with me, students worked on recognition between upper-case and lower-case letters.

Tobey letter G

We visited Ms. Amanda for PE where we got to use our gross-motor skills to play games, practice our balance, and even relaxed with some yoga at the end of class!

PE 1:6PE with MS Amanda PE with Miss Amanda Pe with Miss Amanda

The weather was beautiful, we were so excited to enjoy it with our friends!

After outside time, we returned inside to listen to a story- ” A Snowy Day” and create a craft to go along with it. This group activity was to make “snow paint” and create a snowy picture. We began with finger painting with our “snow paint” and then used our fine motor skills to create our picture. Student’s were asked to explain what they draw in their snowy drawing.

group 2 snow paint Kenny snow paintLevi snow paintgroup snow paint

Of course, no day is complete without being a little silly and having some fun with teachers taking pictures! 😉

Sophie Silly Sophie Tobey SillyTobey Silly Mara Silly


Knowing that weather that went along with our theme this week, Wednesday was spent having some fun and enjoying time together outside.

While continuing to learn about the letter “G” and continuing to become wonderful at writing our names, our class read another book together- “Snow Friends”- this book taught us many vocabulary words about winter, including hibernation, burrowing, and what animals like to live in arctic weather.

Kenny Eva G page Kenny G page Jordyn sign in Sophie G page

Miss Amanda taught us in Discovery Studio about solids and liquids. We had a BLAST making our own goop (which started with the letter of the week 🙂 ).

Kenny goop pouring glue Sophie making goop 2 Levi:Zachary goop Making goop jordyn mara-goop


Science group goop Science Goop

During Jewish Studies, Morah Miriam continued to teach us about David and Goliath. We even got to take puppets that we will color and then be able to perform our own David and Goliath story while we are at home :).

To end our day, we learned about freezing, melting, and reversible change by watching a “Sid the Science Kid”- We were all SO excited to hear that on Thursday we will be doing our own reversible change!

Thursday we began to feel like real snowmen- because of the FREEZING weather outside!!

We came into class, signed in and went straight to work- to color our David and Goliath puppets!

We were so excited to go and visit Miss Zina to sing some of our favorite songs and get some of our energy out! 🙂

music kitty cat Mara: Jordyn ballet music Music Miss Zina 2 Kenny Music music running Kennedy running jordyn running music fun

After Music, we returned to our class to enjoy PJ Storytime with Miss Ilene. We learned about Tu’Bishvat and Tikun Olam- taking care of the world.

We had to get a group picture of our friend, Miss Ilene- we love when she visits and all the fun activities that she brings!

group miss ilene

After PJ Storytime, our busy morning continued with a Mystery Reader- Tobey’s mom!

group tobey mom tobey mom tobey mom myst reader

Our morning came to a close with enjoying indoor recess. We played “Musical Mats” and got to use our gross motor skills to complete the task on the mats, such as stretching, marching in place, or jumping jacks.

musical mat 3 musical mat 5 musical mat 6 musical mat 4 musical mat 2 musical mat 1

We then completed our science experiment using water and oranges to see reversible change! We completed part one of this experiment- describing the oranges (which happen to be from Sam’s orange tree at home- Thank you to Sam’s family for bringing these yummy fruits for our class to enjoy!), putting water in a cup and describing it, and then predicting what would happen if we were to freeze the oranges in water. We discussed reversible change- water, to ice, to water again. We even got to put our experiments in the freezer and will get to see the end result tomorrow- and even enjoy the delicious fruit!

science experiment 1 science experiment 2 freezer experiment

We will end our week with celebrating Shabbat with our friends-Mara will be our Ema and Levi will be our Aba.

Important Dates-

The state-wide VPK Assessment 2 will begin to be completed within the next few weeks. I will send a reminder e-mail the week of so that you are aware when this will be taking place. Please make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a good breakfast. This will help for you to see the growth that your child has made this year! 🙂

Beginning next week- Our Star Student will have the opportunity to bring in a Show & Tell. This Show & Tell will need to be connected to what we are learning, for example this week we are learning about Winter and the letter G. We are also learning about David and Goliath. I will put a reminder in the Parent Newsletter where the Star Student is listed. This will help to add more connections to the real world and also allow conversations at home to occur about what we are learning at school 🙂 We will have Show & Tell on Fridays. 🙂

January 19– No School/ No Kid’s Club- MLK Day.

January 20– Winter Wonderland Day! We will be having a school-wide Winter Wonderland Day. The younger classes will be having a Winter themed week, and have invited our class to join in the fun! On this day we will be having “snow”, take pictures with a snowman, participate in a Winter sensory bin, and other winter themed activities.

Prior to this day- please send in 1 bag of cotton balls for our “snow”. 

On this day- Please wear Winter clothes- IF for any reason it is warm out this day, please send in winter attire to be changed into, such as gloves, a scarf, sweaters, etc.

Some of our “snow” may stick to clothes- so please dress your child in clothes that are okay to get a tad bit dirty 🙂

Todah Robah,

Miss Lisa and Miss Carolyn