You Hoo News 10-25-12

You Hoo News of the Week

What wonderful friends we are making in VPK!  The children are excited, learning and enjoying getting to know all about their new friends.

Please continue reading with your child every day as this is the best way to prepare them for success in school. When reading at home talk about the book, and ask questions about the characters, setting, and plot.  And don’t forget to log in your books!

Print is all around. Make literacy connections by incorporating them into your preschoolers life. Start with the letters in their own name. They should be able to recognize their own name, read it, and write it, and then their last name.  You might place magnetic letters on the refrigerator at your child’s eye level and let them practice spelling it. This will help them build skills, and be fun for them as well.

This Week’s Highlights


Today we learned all about spiders, as we started our new theme on them. We also had great fun in Science with Mr. Greg as he showed us his “Magic”.


Today we played spider web letter  match, and made our word walls. We also made edible spiders… YUM !


Today we painted spider webs and made spider math counting books.


Today counted and clapped syllables and made spider books. We also had a visit from Rabbi O and the children welcomed him to our room.


Today we will continue reading about spiders and draw/label our favorite part of the book.

Book of the Week/Theme – Week of Oct. 28:

Sixteen Pumpkins

Sneak Peak

Next week we will begin a new theme on Pumpkins. We will open up the top of one in the classroom, and investigate what we find inside.   We do not relate this to Halloween.  We will talk about pumpkins as fall harvest fruit.  We will take many measurements too!


Please e-mail me if you are going to read on Friday, so I can plan accordingly. Let me know if you will bring a book or if I need to have one for you.

Please let me know if you are able to drive for the upcoming field trip. I know it seems far away but a lot of planning must be done to accommodate everyone. Also, our class will be the candles for our Hanukkah program. I have an example of what needs to be made for the play.  If you can help, please let me know.  I am looking for a few crafty parents!

On Fridays we celebrate Shabbat.   Don’t forget Tzedakah. We now have beautiful hand crafted bags just for this.

Oct.. 26th Ema: Danielle

Aba: Ely

Nov. 2nd  Ema: Adreille

Aba: Josh

Nov. 9th  Ema: Kagan

Aba: Artem

Nov. 16   Ema: Lily   

Aba: Elie

Nov.30    Ema: Moriah

Aba: Kaden

Shoobee Doobee will visit the home of Trey Jackson this week.


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