You Hoo News 9-24-12

Week of 9/24-28

It has been a magnificent week of preschool. The children have been having much fun making their LuLavs and Etrogs with Ms. Hanna.  They have also been strengthening their fine motor skills as they cut and paint the craft.  We concentrate on proper scissors and crayon holds and the children are making progress!  The craft will go home on Friday.  Ask your child to show you how to shake the lulav and etrog!

We have been talking about Sukkot, creating decorations to decorate at school and home, and learning the significance of Yom Kippur.

This Week’s Highlights


Today we worked on our word wall and learned how many different colors we can make with just red, blue, and yellow.


Today we made books about our story, “Mouse Paint”, and painted our Etrag.


Yom Kippur – “Hatimah Tovah”


Today we are going to make mouse finger puppets and finish our Sukkot decorations.


Today we will work on cluster letters, and begin Math centers: Making color patterns, counting to represent objects, number match, and sorting)


Book of the Week/Theme:

“Mouse Paint” by Laura Numeroff

Sneak Peak – Week of Oct. 1

Next week we will begin a new theme with the alphabet and name projects, concentrating on beginning sound recognition. I will be sending home a project to work on together as a family on Friday. Please bring back in next week by Wednesday. (You can e-mail me if you need one electronically.)


Sukkah Hop – 10/3  (Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to drive.  We will be wearing our green DuBow Preschool T-Shirts on this day.  It is going to be a fun, learning experience!)

On Fridays we celebrate Shabbat.   Don’t forget your Tzedakah.

Sept. 28th Ema: Moriah

Aba: Artem

Oct.   5th   Ema: Sarah

Aba: Elie


**Please use the pocket folder for any and all papers to be sent to school.

**The children are doing well learning the morning routine.  We have added a new step!  Following these directions helps build independence and boost self-esteem.  Please allow your child to do these steps without reminders; do not worry if they forget a step or two…they will learn and we will practice.

Step 1:  Take out folder and put in bin

Step 2: Put away backpack, lunch box and sweater

Step 3:  Wash hands

Step 4:  Join a center and begin to play

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