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Rosh Hashanah


Rosh Hashanah


This is Me – completing book pages – Sukkot projects with Ms. Hanna


This is Me – completing book pages – Sukkot projects with Ms. Hanna


This is Me – completing book pages – Sukkot projects with Ms. Hanna

We have been writing a book called, “This is Me”.  The children are taking great pride in each page.  I am proud to see their writing skills developing.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADEN ! We enjoyed the special, healthy fruit treat that Kaden’s mom made with us.

Book of the Week/Theme:

“I Like Me”, by Nancy Carlson

Sneak Peak

Next week we will begin a new theme on colors, and we will work on projects with concentration on colors. At Home you could start practicing reading and writing color words. Also, I will begin working on letter recognition and sounds in clusters (U,F,Q,X,M). These are the letters that gave the children trouble when tested.


Yom Kippur September 26th   – Preschool Family Service @ 10:00am  No School

On Fridays we celebrate Shabbat.   Don’t forget your Tzedukah.

Sept. 21st     Ema: Lily Watsky   Aba: Ely Williams

Sept. 28th    Ema:Moriah   Aba: Artem

Shoobee Doobee will visit the home of Kagan Gould this week.

Please turn in your decorated Party Hats-  Last week’s “At Home Project”

We need drivers for the Sukkah Hop on Oct. 4.  We will be visiting a number of sukkot in the neighborhood off Haley Rd.  Please return permission slip and background check. You will find this form in the Friday folder.

IMPORTANT DATES: Noon dismissal on Tuesday 9/25.  If your child is registered in the year-round program, please contact Dina at 268-4200 ext. 143 to let her know whether or not your child will be staying with us past noon next Tuesday.  No school or Kids Club on Wednesday in observance of Yom Kippur.  You are all invited to a the Preschool Family Yom Kippur Service in the indoor playroom at 10 am.  This fun, interactive service will be led by Shereen Canady and Coach Rebecca.

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