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Ms. Hanna

I am saddened to share with you that Ms. Hanna’s father passed away on October 2.  She and her family will be sitting shiva at Ms. Hanna’s home, located at 4336 Walnut Bend with minyan beginning at 6:30 PM on Wednesday 10/10, Thursday 10/11, and Sunday 10/14.    Our thoughts are with Ms. Hanna and her family during this difficult time.

Our Sukkah Hop

It was delightful visiting all the sukkahs this week.  I truly hope everyone enjoyed this special time.  A great big “Thank you” to the families who invited us to visit their sukkahs and to all the moms who drove and chaperoned this trip.  If you took photos, please email them to me so we can share them with everyone.  Thank you!

This Week’s Highlights


Sukkot (no school)


Sukkot (no school)


Today we visited our family sukkot.


Today we are going to make flags for the Simchat Torah celebration, and transplant our lettuce and broccoli.


Today is our Simchat Torah celebration, and we will be sharing our name information.


Book of the Week/Theme:

“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”

Sneak Peak

Next week we will continue our theme with the alphabet and name projects with a concentration on beginning sound recognition. We will continue working on cluster letters.


Simchat Torah Celebration – 10/5

Weekly Shabbat Celebrations & Guest Reader Program Schedule

On Fridays we will begin our Guest Reader Program. If your child is the designated Ema or Aba of the week, we invite you to bring a book to read at 9:30, if you would like.  Then, stay to celebrate Shabbat with us!

Oct.5th    Ema: Sarah     Aba: Elie

12th      Ema: Jessica      Aba: Kaden

19th      Ema: Sophia       Aba:Trey

26th       Ema: Danielle   Aba: Ely

Each child will get an opportunity to be an ema or aba on a rotating basis.  I will share with you the schedule for the month in this blog.  If you would like to look ahead and know when your child is scheduled, please feel free to email me.

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