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Hanna is BACK!  We were all so happy to welcome her back.

We had a fabulous week at preschool! It has been both busy and productive as we study and learn together.  We will take the next step forward in working to ensure our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to transition into Kindergarten.

Skills Your Child Should Know Before Coming To Kindergarten

Children don’t need to be able to read by the time they enter kindergarten, instead students should be ready to be taught how to read. Parents should read, sing, and talk with their child daily to prepare them.

Here are some examples of what children should be able to do:

*Recognize alphabet letters. This means recognizing isolated letters, not just memorizing them in sequence.

*Know their first and last name. Be able to recognize name in print.

*Count, typically students should be able to reach at least 20, and they need to understand the concept that each number corresponds to a quantity.

*Recognize numbers and patterns. This includes being able to distinguish between letters and numbers.

*Identify shapes and colors.

*Share, wait their turn, and communicate with words, not actions when they are upset.

*Pay attention: students should be able to sit long enough to hear a story and be able to understand and follow two-step and three-step directions.

*Zip, snap, tie, button, and fasten Velcro. They should be able to tie their own shoes and take care of their bathroom needs independently.

This Week’s Highlights


Today we made predictions by taking a picture walk through The Humongous Cat, and made a new class book. In Science Discovery we built and launched rockets. BLAST OFF !


Today we continued our work on creating our word walls, and painted a welcome back banner for Ms. Hanna. Thank you to the parents who helped us with this “hand-on” project.


Today we made connections through sentence repetition, and made and made an edible “Noah’s Ark” in Jewish Studies…YUM


Today we  “meowed” our syllables: 1, 2, or 3 …


Today we will be counting words in sentences on chart paper, and painting our Humongous Cats.

We began our hands-on Math Centers, such as mystery bag count and record, clothespin number match, sequencing games, and sorting.


Book of the Week/Theme:

“The Humongous Cat”

Sneak Peak

Next week our theme is based on the book, Itsy Bitsy Spider. We will be counting spiders, making spiders, and eating spiders. Stayed tuned for your children to let you know how we do this.


Our picture day was changed to Tuesday, November 13th.

Guest Reader Program has been a wonderful success. The children love having you visit the class and read. Thank you to Galit, Elie’s mom, and Leslie, Kaden’s mom for being the first to take their turn. We look forward to all of you sharing this special time with us. Please let me know what book you will bring, or if I need to have one for you.

Oct.    19th       Ema: Sophia


26th       Ema: Danielle

Aba: Ely

Shabbat Shalom . . .

Ms. Is and Ms Hanna

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